Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tough Talk

After taking two weeks off from being on a training plan, I was so ready to get back into the mode of training again!  Yesterday was the day and nothing says I'm ready to rock like an early morning 10 miler!!  It was the most beautiful Fall day and I was so excited to be out on the road!
About 4 miles into the run, I was at a point where I could start to walk and slow down or I could decide to start really going to work.  I began to repeat things to myself like, "Finish what you've started!" and "What are you afraid of...push!"  I did have to repeat these phrases periodically throughout the next 6 miles but in the end I felt awesome!! 
I ran a route that I haven't run in a while and I was psyched at how well I ran the hills (I'm convinced there is not a flat area anywhere!). 

Along the route I decided to run along a few paths that I have passed by several times but never ventured in.  The paths are made of planks with each one donated and carved by a different person.  As I made my way deeper into the park I started to find the coolest things!  Several local families had made gardens and there were paths leading to each one.  One I found was the garden of verses.
At the end was a park with a few kids toys dedicated to a boy who passed away as a child.  It was heartbreaking.  I was so glad I ventured in and found all these hidden gardens!

How do you talk to yourself to keep motivated?  Ever venture off the beaten path?  Find anything cool?


  1. What a cool path. I love venturing off the beaten path, I think it really keeps running fresh. Great job with your run and all the mental talk, so much of running really is mental!

  2. What a great path! I haven't tried any new routes lately - but I need to, as Christy said it really helps to keep running fresh!

  3. I do a lot of counting when I get really low while running - 1-8 over and over. I figure I can always take 8 more steps and then 8 more....
    Very cool path!

  4. This is why out and backs are my friend. I know that if I go that far than I have to come back. I love just venturing around finding new routes lately. I rarely map out anything beforehand. This sometimes leads to doing extra miles though...

  5. That sounds like a very touching path in the park. I always talk to myself during runs and races to keep myself motivated. The message sometimes changes but I spend a lot of time telling myself I can do this.