Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ZOOMA Half Marathon...Cape Cod Edition

During the ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon last year I was 9 months pregnant due just 2 weeks later.
This year I was 40lbs lighter and ready to run....or so I thought!  Two weeks ago our family battled the flu for 3 days and then just 2 days before the race, I was at the clinic with strep throat.  I went to the Mocktail Party hosted by Honest Tea with small goals.  Before I get ahead of myself let me start with Friday's number pick-up and party.

After our weekly play date at the park with friends, we came home to meet up with fellow ambassador Dani who was coming from Somerville and staying with us!  I walked up to unlocked the door and had a spiffy care package waiting for me from Honest Tea!

Lots of goodies that hubs and I are loving!  After hubs got home from work we headed to the Seacrest to pick up our numbers and a quick Q&A with runners.  Well....no one had a Q so we were left with only As!

Me, Dani, Amy, and Jess
Shopping was awesome and I scored a new plum colored skirt for only $20 from the lovely ladies at Bayside Runner!!!  SCORE!  Plus Jess and I scored the same skirt so I'm thinking there must be a team race on the horizon!  After some snacks and dinner with the fabulous Amy and her always positive hubby Chris, Dani and I went back to my house knowing an early alarm was in our future!

I woke up on race day at 5am (start was at 7:30), drank some coffee and had my English muffin with peanut butter.  I probably should have eaten more since around mile 3 I had a grumbly tummy but I hadn't eaten much in the past few days and didn't want to risk it!  Got dressed and off we went...may I add that Dani always has the most perfectly coordinated race outfits!  Seriously the girl has skills...and Sparkle Skirts!
Dani and I
We got to the starting line no problem (after meeting up with Jill who drove down that morning), used the potty (serious best porta potties ever...they even flushed!!!!), and snapped a quick ambassador photo!
Nicole, Amy, Dani, Kelly, and I
Before we knew it the 10kers were off and it was our turn!  My goal for the race was to finish...and possibly get negative splits!  I ran with Jill for 10 miles...they seriously ticked by like nothing!  We haven't seen each other in a while so we had a lot to catch up on!  I took a GU at mile 3 since I was starving and was good to the finish!
Jill and I at the finish
Mile 10 was when it got a little shaky.  I was doing really well running with Jill keeping my mind ocupied and the miles flying by.  Then well...poor hubs couldn't find Em's soccer gear and sent me a text.  That was all it took to shake me off my game.  The pacers who I had kept behind me the whole race passed me with their yellow balloons bouncing.  A few texts exchanged and a phone call and my resolve was shaken....I started to doubt myself...doubt my training...doubt my health...until I looked at my Garmin and realized I was in fact going faster than I had run the last 11 miles!!!  Apparently I should thank the hubs for getting me frustrated!!  We turned the corner and there stood a hill...not just a hill but a WICKED big...long...twisty hill!  You know me and hills....we aren't friends!  I looked down though and remembered I was wearing my Team Tough Chik shirt....
How could I wear that and walk it up the hill?  I couldn't!  I dug deep...started powering up that hill passing runners by the handful.  Oh and those pacers...those yellow balloons...yeah ate them for lunch!  I was not going to let it all unravel.  That mile...that climb...forever proved to myself that I DO have it in me no matter what!!!  I sprinted it in and smiled ear to ear as the announcer said my name!!  I grabbed a water, medal necklace, and a Muscle Milk and headed for the beach!  A snack in hand and a lounge chair later....

I had done it!  I didn't pr...not even close...but I didn't let the race beat me...I didn't let me beat me!  I know there will be cruddy runs ahead but knowing that I do have it in there shows me that there will be a day where I am crossing that finish line with a smile and my goal time on the clock!!!
The ZOOMA Cape Cod course was hilly but wow you really can't beat the views...cranberry bogs, ocean views, and an awesome Shining Sea Bikepath!  I have loved being involved in this race with all the great women of ZOOMA!  Honestly as cheesy as it sounds, I have made such great friends with my fellow ambassadors!!  The race was very well organized and the little perks were worth it all!  You really can't beat your toes in the sand...wine in hand...and a massage post race!!


  1. You look absolutely fabulous in your finish photos - like you're just hanging at the beach. Great race in spite of feeling lousy leading up to it and as always, it was super great to see you!!

  2. Good job powering up that hill! Sometimes those inner battles are the hardest ones we fight but are some of the most satisfying to win. The race looks like it was beautiful!

  3. Way to take on that hill Nancy! Hope we get to catch up at a race soon :)

  4. Great race! Hills are not my best friend either. I don't like them but sometimes I hang out with them anyway! Great job tackling the hill!

  5. Way to go lady! Sounds like a beautiful race...maybe next year for me!

  6. Wow, great recap! I love how you dug deep and finished strong, congrats!!

  7. Way to push through Nancy! Looks like an awesome race with great ladies:)

  8. Wow, sounds like a great race and your photos make it look like fun too. I still need to decide on a Massachusetts race...
    Nice job finishing strong.

  9. You are a tough chick! You are awesome lady! Congrats and great report! Love the toes in the sand!

  10. You are awesome! It was wonderful to see you and to see you rock that race regardless of how you were feeling!

  11. LOVE THIS RECAP!!! Pushing up that hill...you're a machine!!! Love that finish pic with that smile on your face :) Inspired...so thanks!

  12. What a difference a year makes! And oh how time flies! I feel the same way when I wear my TC gear. Embarrassed to slack! Zooma races are so much fun. Glad you enjoyed!

  13. Such a fun race! :) COngratulations!!!

  14. Congrats. I love your spirit and mindset in this post/during this race. Way to go girl. Those courses are crazy hilly. I am just darn scared of running races in that area because they are always a such. next year we can beat some of them together. :) Hope everyone is feeling better now!

  15. It was AWESOME meeting you last weekend! And as the others have already said, way to go! You pushed through and persevered... Congrats :D