Thursday, October 17, 2013


A little late today but better late than never!  
Here is this week's dose of randomness!!

Biggest Loser....So this week the Biggest Loser started again.  Of course there is never a season that doesn't bring me to tears and this year is the same!  Seriously...hold it together Nance!  At one point during the show my hubby asked me who I would want as a trainer if I could choose.  My choice...Jillian!  I do like the other two trainers a lot...I mean Bob Harper is awesome and really connects with his people, and well Dolvett.....Sorry honey you know how I feel about him!  Maybe it is because I have been an athlete so much of my life or maybe it is just how I tick...I need to be pushed....a lot and Jillian does just that!  My hubby even commented that even if I was with one of the other trainers I would be longingly watching Jillian yell at her people!  Lol...very true!  So who would you choose?
Tired...I'm growing tired of the phrase, "I'm so tired" but this week for some reason I can't help but keep thinking it!!  There are days when I wake up and feel like this....

And then lately for whatever reason my days have me waking up like this....

It hasn't been too much of a problem since I am still getting in my workouts and actually really kicking my own butt, but my treadmill is starting to miss calls to me when I go downstairs to do laundry...and I think this morning it shed a tear!  I'm hoping it is just the change in seasons and I will adjust soon.  I mean my husband can only take so many nights of me in my flannel pjs sleeping on the couch at 8pm!

The elephant in the room...Ok so it seems as if everyone is weighing in on this picture
so I might as well do it too!  Let me first say that when I first saw this picture, I really thought nothing wrong with it.  Go ahead and search Pinterest or Google for motivation pictures and you'll find hundreds very similar.  Perhaps being in social media so much and the fitness world, it has desensitized me a bit.  After thinking more about it I can see both sides of the fence on this one.  Kudos to her for being in that great a shape with three little ones.  As a mom with 2 I know it is not the easiest task to find time and energy to workout so pats on the back to this mom.  I can also see the negative side but probably more from my own personal experience....which is not this woman's or anyone else' fault but my own.  After having Aub I became overwhelmed with shame for how my body looked...and to be honest it is still a battle I fight with myself.  I was shameful of how I looked when others in my position looked so much better...ashamed of my fitness level when others like me were rocking their workouts and races.  I avoided blogs that just made me feel less and less.  If I had seen this at that time I probably would have felt bad as well.  The point here is that was not her calling her a bully I feel is extreme.  Every woman is different and unique....I put in the work but take a little longer to see the results.  What do you think?


  1. First random - Jillian 100%. Second random - I'm the ragged coffee chick. Third - I think the woman looks great. She's been blessed with amazing genetics, clearly, and I don't find her post to be bullying. Do I hate my belly roll & flabby boobs? Yes, but I'm also realistic that without surgery & starvation I will never look like that & my babies are 16.

  2. I'd be torn between Jillian and Bob and I know it's early but I think this might be the best season of BL yet! I don't really see why people are getting so worked up over the picture. She obviously makes health and fitness a priority. People are far too quick to judge, in my opinion.

  3. I think I'd go with Bob - Dolvett would be waaay too much of a distraction ;)

    As far as the woman with the 3 kids, my answer is more power to her. We all have our body issues and a picture of someone else's success can only make you feel bad about yourself if you let it.

  4. I think I would probably choose Jillian, too... but maybe Bob. Such a hard choice!
    I really had no issue with the picture she posted. I did feel a tad jealous of her lack of stretch marks ;). Other than that, I say good for her! She has a right to be proud of her accomplishments and maybe it will push someone to stop making excuses.

  5. I think I would choose Bob:) I saw this pic a long time ago, where is this controversy happening? I would love to read all the dialogue on it.

  6. I think you are beautiful no matter what THAT pic looks like! You DO work out hard and the results are showing. Be proud.

  7. I choose Jillian - I could use a good buut kickin'!!!
    The picture is great, in my opinion. She has obviously worked hard to look like that and yes, she is pretty lucky to have good genes. What did she look like right after she had those babies? Not like THAT!! She, like all the rest of us, has to exercise and eat right AND find balance!