Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Conquer Old Man Winter

The temperatures have dropped here on Cape Cod and 2+ feet of snow has been dumped on us.  It’s official…Old Man Winter has brought it.  It’s a challenge for sure!  You have set your goals for the 2015 and winter is trying it’s best to get in your way!  I’m saying fight back…get out there on the roads (as long as they aren’t too icy) and stick to those goals!  However, make sure you are dressed right so that your gear is the last thing you have to worry about.
When winter bears down, I know that I have to suit up each time I head out for a run.  I have several important pieces that are a must to keep me warm and hitting my paces.  Through a partnership with Sports Authority, I was able to stock up on some great Asics gear to help me wage this war against winter!  I was so excited when our local Sports Authority came to Cape Cod and it has quickly became my go to for sporting gear!  They always have great sales so stocking up doesn’t have to break the bank!
You too can fight against Old Man Winter and win.  Here is what are my must haves, which I was able to easily find at our local Sports Authority!  Heading out the door for a run I make sure I have warm running tights (These Asics PR Tights are lined for extra warmth!), a base layer, another layer (This Asics PR Hoodie is awesome with thumb holes and a hood), a jacket (This Electro Jacket does a great job at blocking the howling Cape Cod wind and has a light up shoulder light for extra visibility), a hat (I just have to have a ponytail hat with all this hair.  This Asics hat is extra long fitting low on my ears!), and some kick ass shoes (The Women’s Gel-Kinsei 5 are new to me but I LOVE the colors and are very similar to my usual kicks!)!  
Having the right gear will keep you hitting the roads and making strides towards your goals!  No need to throw in the towel…put on your suit of armor and fight back against Old Man Winter and win!!
This post was sponsored by Sports Authority but the opinions and advice are 100% mine!


  1. Love SA!! I can spend A LOT of money in there ;)

  2. Great gear! I had some Kinsei's once and loved them. Yours are so pretty! Asics does make some gear, we have a Sports Authority here, but I don't shop there often they are in an odd location for me to get too.