Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Motivation

This past weekend I found myself alone in the woods....ok so I had gotten a little lost meeting up with a few friends and my GPS sent me through the woods to find them...but there was a few moments when I had gotten to the place we had decided to meet up.  I (of course took a few pics) and then noticed something that was amazing to was silence.  A moment in time when there was nothing but my breathing...and it caught me...caught me being caught up in doing.  It was just a few moments but it touched me.  I am quick to get caught in the doing of life that I forget to stop and see the beauty...those precious moments in the silence to see the beauty around me....those moments amid the noise of life to stop and see the beauty.  I had a fabulous run out there in the woods and when I got home it was certainly not silent...but it is mine...and it is beautiful!!

Don't forget to stop in our doings...reaching for goals this week to stop and see the beauty!!


  1. I love to stop mid trail run sometimes and take in the view and the silence. It's so good for the soul I think. Have a great week!

  2. The silence is amazing sometimes :) what a great reminder!

  3. Love this. I always run with music or in a noisy gym - especially with our weather as it's been lately. If I thought I could tolerate it outside, I'd go just to hear nothing but the sound of snow crunching underfoot.