Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Motivation

I've been pondering the phrase I chose for this year...thinking about what it truly means and looks like to better my best.  On my lunch runs lately I have been cruising through the first mile or so only to hit a WALL as the hills start rolling!  This past week I decided I was going to start working on my short race and truly better my best.  I decided to do a progressive run and by the time I got back to the school parking lot I was jumping and cheering!!!  8:34-8:17-8:14....BOOM!  I know that living in a way that stays with #BetterYourBest it is going to be a lot of decisions to push when I want to face the challenge instead of take the easy road...climb the hills instead of walking them...pushing PAST my limits!

How will YOU push past your limits this week?!


  1. Taking baby steps…lots of baby steps!

  2. I will make sure to stay focused on my goals and push myself to and through those limits!

  3. Awesome Nancy! Sometimes you just have to push through. These faster short runs will definitely help your long run!

  4. YES!!
    I did this weekend and I WILL AGAIN THIS WEEK.