Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Training Talk

I was so excited to get back to training and working out after the flumagedon that hit our house last week!  Even though I was still feeling the effects with some pretty low energy and some labored breathing, it was still great to get back into the routine!  I also completed the second week of the #SweatPink #NoExcuses Challenge and am having such a blast doing each day's challenge and being part of such a supportive group!
Squatting it out!
Here's how this past week played out...trying to take this "off" time and focus on strength!

Monday: Gym time...5 miles followed by shoulders, biceps, and back
Tuesday:  Ate some hills for lunch....one thing about the Cape is that every race is marketed as flat but I have yet to find a flat route!!  Today's lunch run brought 3 miles with hill repeats...During ZOOMA Cape Cod this year (come run in 2015 with me and use code NANCY15 :-)) the hills were what killed my time so hills for lunch it is!

Wednesday: Back to the gym for 5 more miles and a focus on legs...yeah had trouble walking after this one!!
Thursday: Lunch run...decided to try my hand at a progressive run...NAILED IT!!
Can't wait to dish about some new gear I'm trying out too later this week thanks to a partnership with Sports Authority!
Friday: You guessed it....back to the gym for my 5 and triceps/chest!...my triceps still haven't recovered from this one!  Guess I need to address the chicken wings!
Saturday: The weather was horrible outside with snow and rain mix so I was a bad New Englander and bagged my outdoor workout.  I hit the treadmill and did one of Blonde Ponytail's kick ass workouts....check her workouts out they are no joke!!!
30 minutes later I was drenched in sweat!!!
Sunday:  Longish run day!  I headed out to find that I should have waited a little longer for the roads to melt a bit!  Black ice ALL over my neighborhood but with some fancy footwork I was able to get to the main roads and start hitting my strides!  8 miles down!
34 miles for the week and I'm feeling good!  This week I'm focused more on weights and building that muscle!  Also I'm going to throw this out there and see if anyone can help!  I've been trying for months to get someone to help me fit my foods into my macros...I have the numbers but I just can't get it!  I had an awesome experience with Laura's detox and I'm ready to get it together!  I have found it really hard to get anyone to help me though!  I have contacted several people and even had a coach lined up that just doesn't get back to me!!  Anyone?

I'm also working on continuing to get in my stretching and yoga!  I have my mantra, which I think is perfect, from GaiamTV and have been chipping away at my 21-day challenge!
Have you talked the quiz yet?  What's your mantra?

How did your week go?  Are you part of the blizzard right now?  Here on Cape Cod we know how to do wind like nothing I have ever seen!  We have about 16" of snow but the wind is WHIPPING!!!  60-75mph gusts but thankfully still power!

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