Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's been quite a week full of 3 foot snow drifts and lots of time indoors.  Needless to say my brain is shot so I'm dishing about some of my favs around these parts lately! 

Snow days...and back to school!  It is no secret that I love all things about Summer...the beach, the vacation, the beach, long days, the get the gist.  I also like the occasional snow day.
It gives me time to get a few things done around the house and even more it gives me time with these two lovies...up and down the sledding hills and through the woods!
However, after 3 snow days in a row...I'm all set and was practically skipping into school today!  We start school after Labor Day (tourist town=no school until the tourist leave!) which means every snow days brings us closer and closer to the 4th of July!  Last year we got out 2 days before...ugh! 

Quest bars...If you've never heard of Quest bars, don't do it to yourself!  My hubby introduced me to these bars of heaven and I'm hooked! 
Cookies and Cream is my favorite flavor but I tried the Smore's recently and it is pretty good too!  Have you tried Quest bars before?

HIIT workouts...With time inside and our street barely kissed by a plow, that means mama has to fit in a good sweat sesh in the basement!  I have been trying out some workouts from Blonde Ponytail and LOVING them!  Most of the workouts take about a half hour but boy do you get your monies worth!  You heart rate will be through the roof and you certainly will be feeling it!!  Where do you get your workout ideas from?

Superbowl with TB12...Just two more days before we are watching this guy march us into another Superbowl
You know you are from New England when your 2 year-old jumps up and down and cheers for Tom Brady by name in her best Massachusetts accent (seriously its hilarious!)!  We are looking forward to the game and watching the confetti fall for the Pats this year!!

What's on your favorites list this Friday?


  1. I love snowdays too, although, we home school so it doesn't really change things too much.
    I'm not really a snow sports person (aka sledding, etc) so I like to stay in with hot cocoa and a good movie :)

  2. Counting down to the SuperBowl too....Go Tom!

  3. Um, go Seahawks! I hope it's a good game:)

  4. I'm a big fan of snow days as well! We got about 8 inches here yesterday!