Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Let's Talk Training Tuesday

I went back over last year and noticed that I had started doing a weekly log of what my training looked like over the week.  It was good for me to see since an injury had kept me from running the race I was training for in March.  I decided to start this up again this year since I am trying to take a slightly different approach to my training this year.  I am taking the beginning of this year and having a little fun with my running (much more relaxed about my total mileage each day) and am making sure I fit in strength and yoga/stretching in order to build strength and stay injury free!

Running....Although I had an idea mileage wise where I wanted to be by the end of the week, I was all over the place with how my daily runs went.  I am also taking part in the Marathon Sports Winter Warrior Challenge (Run at least a mile outside each day in January) so there were days when I ran twice because of this.
Monday:  I was at the gym early for some treadmill miles (5) and then when the hubby got home I ran 2 miles in our neighborhood.  I discovered something about me....I am NOT a fan of running in the dark alone.  My hubby reminded me that no attackers would be dumb enough to be out in this cold!!
 Tuesday:  Knowing that I didn't want to be running in the dark again, I packed a bag and spent my lunch (we get only 25 minutes) running around my school.  This was a cold week and even though the winds were whipping, I was warm in the sun! (3.1 miles)
Wednesday:  Another early morning gym sesh and more treadmill miles (5)!  I ventured out again at lunch for 2.8 more miles!
Thursday:  Today was slated to be freezing...like cancel school freezing in some parts of Massachusetts...but a winter warrior I am so I bundled WAY up and headed out!  3 miles later at 0 degrees, I was certainly feeling pretty badass!!
Friday:  Yup back to the gym...are you seeing a pattern here!  5 mill miles and then more lunch time miles (3).
Saturday:  I woke up, understandably, with a very tired body.  Hubby was away so I ran a quick mile up and down my street.  I was more than happy to rest the day away and watch a Pats win!!
Sunday:  I was on Facebook Saturday night when I saw a fellow Cape runner/blogger Stacey was hosting a trail run Sunday morning just a few miles away from me!  Perfect!  I decided that my goal was 10 miles for the day so I headed out early to run to the place where I thought we were meeting up!  I'm fairly new (3 years) to our area so I have a tendency to get lost!  Thanks to my GPS I found them and had a great time exploring the woods!  By the time I reached my door it was 11 miles total for the day!!  WIN!  Poor Stacey and Denise got lost in the woods though...sorry ladies!!
Total miles for the week: 40.9 YIKES!

Strength...I want to start being more consistent with my weight training but I am in a little bit of a holding pattern waiting to hear back on a few things so this week I conquered the kettlebells and free weights.
Monday:  Kettlebell circuit (25 min)
Wednesday:  Free weights with super sets (30 min)
Friday:  Kettlebell circuit (25min)

Yoga/Stretching...While I found myself stretching and foam rolling some sore and tried legs, I was bad at keeping up with my GaiamTV Challenge.  I'm thinking that this coming week I am going to start again!  It is simple to complete.  First you take the quiz...
Then a plan is emailed to you so that it is simple to have your 21-Day Commit to you Challenge right there for you! 
How did your week go?  I'm recommitting to me and starting my 21-Day Challenge today!  What about you?


  1. Picking your brain about lunch time runs: do you wear your running clothes to school? when do you eat? do you get sweaty? I would love to pull this off!

    1. Since it's so cold I wear my base layer (sports bra and shirt) under a sweater to school. Then I just change my pants and throw on my jacket, hat, and mittens. I have about 10 min to change when I get back so I've been doing quick things to eat that don't need to be heated up. I wipe down with a shower pill but I haven't been getting too sweaty since it's cold and I'm only doing 3 miles. My hair looks a little crazy but when doesn't it look like that!! Lol!!

  2. Wow great week of running! I rather like running in the cold once I get warmed up. I just started P90X3 and have been good about getting it done in the mornings but my yoga is suffering now.