Tuesday, April 7, 2015

AMR Own It Week 3

I have to admit that this week was a huge challenge for me to get it together and get my runs in.  My hubs was away all week for business, which meant I needed to get creative...even more than normal!

Monday: 3 miles...I ran on very tired legs after I taught until 7pm!  Came home...put the ladies to bed...and hit the mill. 

Tuesday:  1 mile WU...3X1 mile tempo...1 mile CD...I ran 3 miles of this on the mill first thing in the morning until my oldest woke up (she loves to just sit there and stare at me which just turns up the mom guilt to a new level so I usually stop).  Then I geared up and headed out at lunch.  The weather was awesome and the route was hilly, but I managed to negative split it!!  WIN!!

Wednesday:  Rest:  I did the Lower Body Fix video from the 21 Day Fix program

Thursday:  10 min WU...HILLS 6X1 min...Headed out again at lunch and tackled some serious hills!!  ZOOMA Cape Cod and Newport 10 miler have some killer hills especially at the end so these hill days are super important for me!

Friday:  3 easy miles...I had taken the girls to my visit my family and the day got away from us...no run

Saturday: 10 miles (4 miles @ Race Pace)...After waiting for the rain to clear...and possibly a fair amount of whining about the weather...I tried out a new route FILLED with hills!  This was a mental run for me but listening to the AMR podcasts with Summer Sanders and Terzah Becker was just what I needed.  I wish I had had a notepad with me to write down all the quotes!!!  Definitely two podcasts I need to revisit!

Sunday: rest...you don't need to tell me twice!!  It was a great Easter...the only running I did was after eggs!!

Don't forget...Come run with me at ZOOMA Cape Cod!!!  Use the code NANCY15 for 10% off!!!


  1. You did awesome with creative scheduling!

  2. Great week and great job running all those hills. I need to start listening to AMR podcast. I miss Terzah and her blog and have been meaning to download her episode for sure