Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Around Here...

This is school vacation week in these parts so while I have been posting daily on Instagram, I have been setting my sights in other's what's been going on around here!
Chickie has decided to run her first 5k and we have started running.  I think for her it is going to be convincing herself that she can do it!  We did 20 mins of 90sec running 60sec walking and she did awesome!  She even cruised up a big hill in our neighborhood!

Monday is of course Marathon Monday!!!  We left the house early to watch the runners in Framingham.  Hubby is always so good to make this happen for me since he knows how much I love it!!  This year was RAW and thankfully the rain held out until the ladies left (to their Mimi's house)!  This is always such an inspiring thing to watch....just awesome!!!  I had a blast watching for friends and then screaming my head off when I found them!!

Yesterday my goal was to be outside as much as we could...a morning hike and then fun at the park once the clouds cleared.
We wrapped up the day with a sister sleepover!!  I admit I was nervous that they wouldn't sleep...the are awesome sleepers on their own but I didn't know if together they would do well.  They did great!!

I've had the crazy idea to try and potty train the mini chickie this week!  I fear Em is going to go back to school next week and report that on her vacation she sat in the bathroom and sang songs while waiting for her sister to go potty!

For me I've been running and doing my usual 5am workouts!  I am such a schedule girl that this is so needed for me to keep the grouchy away!!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?  Any potty training advice?  I feel like I trained the big chickie but can't remember a thing!!


  1. I laugh I cannnnot recall a thing either as it's been so many years.
    I know we rewarded--but with WHAT I have no clue :-)

  2. I don't remember much about it either except my son didn't care for it too much until his younger sister decided she wanted to do it too, I had them both potty trained at the same time. He was almost three and she was 19 months. No idea how she did it so fast but it was sweet.

    Yay for a fun sister sleepover!

    1. I need a twist of fate for this strong-willed chickie!!

  3. I loved seeing you on the course!! It was such a boost everytime I saw someone I knew cheering!

  4. Such a great example, mama! Your kiddo's running and racing already!

  5. Love that Em is training for her first 5K ;) Enjoy the rest of your vacation...Dubai is heavenly!