Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Two years ago this was our oldest daughter proudly poised in our usual spot at mile 7 cheering loudly for the elite runners passing by.  It was a beautiful morning and my husband, as he does every year, was so thoughtful to bring the two ladies and I to the race and then graciously take the ladies to his grandmother's house just a few miles away while I watch the rest of the runners and look for my friends.  Two years ago I saw many friends including my BRF's brother Stu...I high-fived him and told him to give Jill a hug for me once he got to Boylston!  We ate lunch out that day as a family and then packed up our two sleepy girls and headed back to the Cape.  Half asleep in the car I began to hear the news on the radio...bombs...finish line...casualties...and my stomach dropped...Jill was there.  I am of course thankful that Jill was physically fine...she was in between the two bombs and actually jumped a jersey barrier and began running the course in search of her brother who was stopped.  I am always thankful we decided to NOT go into the city because it was such a beautiful day.  My thoughts though go to that day and the people who's lives were forever changed...I pray that today on another beautiful day in Boston that they will feel the love and support that they need.  Today is One Boston Day...a day to go out and do something make this day about the good! 

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