Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Motivation

I'm not sure I have gotten to the place yet where I love my body...years of certain patterns take a long time to overcome completely...but I certainly have a lot of respect for it.  This body has carried me thousands and thousands of miles...grown two beautiful baby girls...and performed just about every time I have requested no matter how crazy!  For that respect...I will work it out...make it stronger...push it even more...honor it by keeping it healthy!  I'm making my way to loving this body I have...and I'll get there but until then I will honor it by making the best choices for it each day!!

How do you honor your body? 


  1. Thanks for this. This is exactly what I am struggling with right now. Being comfortable with my body as it is. I need to lose weight, so I don't always feel like I am honoring God by taking care of myself. I know, however, that the running is helping, and that I am honoring Him by running and eating better. It's a struggle though, as women, to feel good about ourselves. There always seems to be something we wish to change.

  2. Taking care of our body with exercise and real food is a great way to love our body. I think you're right- it's easier to respect our bodies for all that they can DO!

  3. You go girl! Our bodies do a lot for us and we are typically so hard on them in multiple ways.

  4. I love this as it is SO SO SIMPLE and yet?
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