Thursday, April 16, 2015


It's Thursday my friends!!  Can anyone guess what makes this Thursday extra special?....wait for it...SPRING BREAK!!! 
We aren't traveling anywhere far but just to have a break from our schedule is really exciting me right now!!  Now time for your randoms for the week!! Black...A week ago my hubby mentioned to me that if there were any teams for Ragnar that were looking for runners (basically one with my friend on it), then I could go ahead and run it.  We had previously discussed after last year that I would not run this year.  It is a lot with two little ones to just dump everything on him so I can run.  However, he changed his mind!  Well yesterday my friend and coworker asked me if I would be able to run because one of their runners had something to do....Heck yeah!  I'm so excited to be back making the trek from Hull to P-town this year and thankful for my husband who let it happen!!!
Bulu Box...As an ambassador for ZOOMA Cape Cod, I was given a 3-month subscription to Bulu Box.  Bulu Box is a monthly delivery service of a box of health and nutrition items.  My box came the other day and had a number of samples of supplements designed for helping digestive health, nutrition, and energy.  I haven't tried any of the samples yet but I am interested to see how I like them.  I am nervous to try the energy supplement though...I love me a good energy drink but this looks a little like 5-hour energy which I had an allergic reaction to once.  We shall see!  I will keep you posted!

Running Family...Our oldest daughter has been running with me since she was old enough to go in the jogger.
I would pack snacks, books, and basically anything that would fit and off we would go!  She was more than happy to hang out while Mama pounded out the miles!  Well I'm thinking that she is probably at the end of her time in the jogger (this is a whole other post!).  I'm always trying to find ways to help her stay active.  She has decided that she would like to run a race...and I did the happy dance!  No in all honesty I told her I would stay with her and get her a new pair of kicks.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, we are going to start going for runs.  My only concern (and my sister will attest to this) is that I can be a bit of a pusher.  I want this to be a good time that we share together (and yes I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will develop into a running relationship).  Any suggestions on how to keep it relaxed but still push her a little?


  1. Yay for hubby giving you the go ahead to run a Ragnar!!! I am doing one in July in Washington state... so excited, how can such a crazy thing be so much fun?! I never would have guessed I would love them as much as I do :)

  2. oh yeah, just keep it fun with your daughter! My daughter loves running with me as long as it isn't too far, too hot, etc. When we do a race together I don't push too much I just encourage and we laugh a lot. Fun clothes and shoes help too