Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let's Talk Training!

Looking ahead this week I am suddenly realizing that I have just one more week until Ragnar!  Yikes!  I guess it's much better this way time to worry about the 21.5 looming miles ahead of me!!  This past week was vacation week (I will post soon about the ladies and I on our staycation) so I was able to get in a few 2-a-days to get my body ready a bit for the relay.  Here is how the week shook down!  Again I am following the "Own It" plan from Train Like a Mother but the next few weeks I am modifying it a bit.  Totally fine since my half marathon isn't until September.

Monday: 3-4 miles with 8 strides...We went to watch the marathon with the ladies so as inspired as I was...I was soaked and freezing most of the day.  Getting home honestly I wanted to run but my sweats just felt so amazing!!
Tuesday:  1m Warm-up, Tempo 3 miles, 1m cool-down...I headed to the gym early and got the tempo run in.  These make me so nervous at first but then I feel like I can take on the world when I'm done!!  I also was able to head out when the hubby got home from work and did the workout from the day before.  Thank you Daylight Savings!!
Wednesday: rest...headed to the gym again and hit the bike and some kettlebells for the win!
Thursday: 6 miles with negative splits...My friend Christy (and Ragnar teammate) and I had arranged to meet up to run.  I met her early and we cranked out a pretty hilly 4 miles...I love running with other people!  The time just flies by!!  I did another 2 miles once I got home to hit my mark!
Friday: 3 miles...Another morning at the gym for 3 miles on the mill and more kettlebells!
Saturday: 14 miles...I changed this up mostly because I know that my race isn't for another 3 months but I wanted to keep with going over the distance I was training for.  Since my first Ragnar leg is 9.8 miles and I also have a 10 miler coming up, I decided to run 11.  I'm not sure what all clicked for me this run but I felt FABULOUS!!!  The miles flew by and my body was happy!!!  Definitely a confidence builder!!
Sunday: much as you can with a 6 and 2 year-old!!

This week I'm going to try again to get in at least one double...maybe two!  I am also making sure I am getting my weights in more consistently...don't want to lose what I've worked hard for!! 
How did your week go?


  1. You're doing another Ragnar! I'm so jealous! Your teammates are lucky to have you :) Is your sister driving again? They'd be lucky to have her as well :)

    Isn't "rest" kind of a funny word when you are on your feet chasing kids around all day?!

  2. Great week and great job with the 14 miler! I just slogged through 14 miles and thought I was dying nearly the whole time... might have something to do with it being almost 80 degrees out and me hating being hot :)

    Yay for another Ragnar I have one coming up in July :)

  3. Good luck at cape code, so sad to not be going out there, but gotta save $$ so I can do new races and still afford a mortgage :)
    Can't wait to see your recap!