Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Motivation

It's been no big secret that this summer I struggled with running.  There were few times where I thought, "Oh I can't wait to go for a run"!  The combination of the humidity and the climbing back after injury really had me questioning if this running thing needed to go away for a bit.  I stuck it out though and I am so glad I did!!  Lately I have been LOVING running again and find myself needing it to clear my head again!  What changed?  Well the weather (with the exception of today) has been getting that crisp, cool feel, and I've started to join people.  I look forward now to my Saturday runs and my runches with Christy!  Feeling in a funk?  Change things up and don't outrun that joy!!!


  1. Nice to hear you got through a tough patch and love it again! Always a good feeling.

  2. I definitely think cooler weather will renew my running mojo!

  3. Cool fall mornings are the perfect remedy for any runner ;) Keep up the great work Nancy!!