Thursday, September 29, 2016


Here we are day away from Friday!  My head lately is swimming with dates and numbers and names and meetings so random is really my jam!  Here you are!!

Runch...I've been pretty obsessed lately with my runch time.  Even if I have worked out in the morning, I find myself itching to get outside and run even if it's only a short one.  Could be I'm crazy...could be that I need a release after molding young minds nonstop...could be that I have no windows in my classroom and I need I'm missing outside.  Whatever it is I'm loving it!!  Yesterday was a new one for me though.  I was in meetings right about up to my lunch time and I had about 30 minutes until my next meeting at another school.  What's a runner to do?  Oh yeah I grabbed my pen and I ran there!!
My coworkers already think I'm nuts so why not confirm it!!

Fiesta Time...It makes me stop and catch my breath that this fiery girl is going to be four!!
We are in full party planing mode over know how much I LOVE planning my girls' birthday parties!!  Our usual cake person is not available so I am making the cake....cue hives and flour explosion!!  Can't wait!!

This is us...I'm just going to put it out there that this is currently my obsession!! 

This show is awesome!!  The stinky part is that it is on at 10 which let's be honest...I'm never awake!  Thank goodness for DVR!  I mean's awesome!  Anyone else obsessed with it?


  1. OMG, the hook hand is cool. lol

  2. I forgot I wanted to watch This is us! I need too, I have been waiting on that since I first saw the previews!