Thursday, September 8, 2016


Somehow this week is both flying by and crawling along!  The days are flying since we are back into the full swing of things but the week seems to be crawling by!!  Either way there is a mountain of paperwork and things to do so here are my randoms from this week!

Toddler Tantrum...One thing that I had forgotten about, or maybe I selectively forgot about, was the tidal wave of emotions that hit you after their school day is over...until it hit Em and I on our way home from picking up mini chickie!  Wow!!!  She didn't know if she was happy or sad, wanted to yell or have no one talk, hungry or full.  You name it!  I understand really...I mean holding your shit together for 7 hours is really hard...I guess the silver lining is that she feels comfortable with her family to let it all if we could just find a way to let it out not so explosively!!

Return of the Runch...One of my many tasks this week and into next is creating my schedule (I service over 35 students with specific hour requirements making scheduling my LEAST favorite thing ever!) and I'm working to coordinate so I can keep having runch dates!!  I began running during my lunch a few years ago when I was doing a winter challenge and realized that the warmest time of the day was when I was at work.  Enter runch!  Now I love it!  I can get out during the day and not be staring at all the things I have to get done....a quick time outside to unplug!  Yes it takes some extra time the night before to make sure I have all my clothes and whatnot packed but it is so worth it!!

Dinner Boredom...Yes I recognize that it is only the first week back but I'm already bored with dinners!  I need my grilling...waiting until the kids are done to eat days back!!!  I'm also quickly running out of fast meals that don't involve 4 hours of prep....any ideas???


  1. Yes! Google the following recipes: Cheesy Chicken Quinoa by Eat Yourself Skinny and Carnitas by Tasty (you know...the FB videos)

  2. Oh, yes the end of day kiddo grumpies are in full swing for sure! I hope that your start of the teaching year is going very well!