Thursday, September 1, 2016


When you say you are going to write more laughs at you and makes you even busier!  We are beginning new routines this week with Mini-Chickie starting preschool and I have been in meetings for two days.  However, I thought I would stop by...check in...and give my first week's update.

Weight loss update...Well like I said last week, my goal is to lose 15lbs.  This past week I have to admit I wasn't as tight as I should have been nutrition wise.  There were days where I forgot to pack food...or this excuse or the other and I certainly did not hit my macros each day.  However I had a strong week running and logged 31 miles which I haven't done in a while!  Overall it was an ok week and I am continuing to be excited to be changing up my routine a bit!  Plus I am -1lb!  I know it's not the jump I was hoping for but you get out what you put in!  I will be using Wednesdays as my weigh-in day so my next update will be then!

Summer fight...Yes I love summer....yes I love the fall...however the fall transitions into winter which is NOT my friend!!  The past week or so we have been fighting to hang on to summer!  This weekend is the last official weekend of summer but I know September will find us out on the beach still!  We have had an amazing summer filled with laughs and fun adventures!  We've spent countless hours at the beach and making memories with our family and friends!  Priceless!!

Run Groups...Today at the gym the first 4 stories I heard on the news were about women being attached or stalked by men while out walking/running.  Not what this morning runner wants to hear!!  While the school year has me logging most of my miles on the treadmill where my only stalkers are under 4 feet and carrying a blankie, I do still do my long runs outside and the earlier the better.  This past weekend I met up with the run group here.  We do 5 mile loops and there are people starting at all times!  It really is an awesome system since most people are training for fall marathons, there is always someone to hop in with!  I started with a group at 5:30am and did 10 miles with them before they went on to rock 17!  I LOVED it!  I have been logging so many of my long runs solo and having others around me energized me and had me hopeful!!  Plus it didn't hurt that I didn't have to worry about random vans or people!! 

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  1. Be safe out there Nancy!! Your run group sounds perfect.