Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weigh-In Wednesday....The Power of Words

As an elementary school teacher and mom of two young chickies, we teach to be kind with our words.  I explain to my students and children that words are very powerful and to choose them wisely.  I also teach them to be kind with their words.  However, I feel like as we grow older this is a lesson we tend to forget.  That there are times when we get caught up with our day or our job and we forget the power that words can have over someone.  I experienced that this past week.

I had an awesome week fitness-wise.  School started and I was rocking the workouts as well as keeping my choices healthy.  I was able to get in 36 miles this week between runch with my partner in crime...

and a long run around the village with run group!

On Friday I went in for my yearly physical.  I let a lot of things go overdue after having kids (hello roots!) but one thing I always try to stay on top of is my yearly physical.  I eat healthy and exercise but I would hate for something to happen and know that I could have prevented it.  So no big deal I go in with my list of things I wanted to ask her about (I always keep a list so that I don't forget one has time for that!).  We coast through the first few symptoms and she reminds me that I am getting older and these things will happen (YIKES I'm only 37!).  Then I tell her that I get dizzy off and on, usually when I change positions...but I've dealt with it for about 6 months now so as long as nothing serious, I'm good.  Well she gives me the diagnosis of vertigo and has me try taking allergy medication (Fun fact I HATE taking medication of any kind...I'm just not a fan) apparently now I have allergies.  We talk about a few other things that have been happening to which she orders a few tests and then the exam begins.  I'm rocking the pulse at 50 beats per minute and my blood pressure is awesome as is my other stats and blood work.  Basically I'm a healthy girl.

And then she said it.....words that were medical to her and but so completely personal to me...."Well I see that your BMI is in the obese range so you may want to do something about that."   There was very little I heard after that sentence.  Partly because that was the last she said about my weight and partly because that was all I could hear...I'm obese.  I eat healthy...workout every day...gained about 10lbs in 4 months inexplicably...and now I'm obese.

I left the office after and returned back to work.  I told my runch buddy about the visit and that I basically felt like an old, fat mule, and she reminded me of how ridiculous that did my husband and family. 

Saturday came and we had a whirl-wind of activity throughout the day

and I really didn't think twice about the day before....but then those moments came when it started to sink in...when I started to let someone's passing sentence be a life sentence and chip away at me.  To be honest I did something that I never usually do....I ate.  I didn't put any restrictions on what I ate for about 2 days.  I figured if I'm obese and I am working so hard to eat right then I might as well eat whatever I want.  Today I stepped on the scale and was actually surprised that it hadn't the grace of God I hadn't gained!  But it is still there....and it makes me makes me feel like I have failed...

But you know me!  I'm dusting myself off and I'm going to stay focused because it is what makes me feel good.  I'm getting back on the horse and I'm not going to let the words of one person make me stop (even though it still hurts). 


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  2. I don't trust scales anymore, especially since reaching my 40s. The numbers never match how I feel and what I can do. You go girl!

  3. I've had that happen to me in the past and it's crazy to me. I bet she didn't check your body fat percentage. Doctors are quick to say obese based solely on height and weight. Guess what, I've got muscles bro and not much flab. I weigh 20 pounds more now than I did before I started weight lifting. 20 pounds!! It's been hard to adjust my mindset but I'm slowly adjusting to what the scale says because I'm trying to make muscle gains and that means I'm going to have to gain weight. In the last year I've had doctors prescribe pills that made me way more ill. I've had them say I may have a serious heart condition (nope), MS (nope-so far), and so on and so forth. It has been exhausting mentally and each time it's something they have flippantly said...that I have been left to worry about. Be your best advocate and get a second opinion if you're able to.

  4. Ugh I hate how doctors use the BM as a measure of health! You are no where near obese and sounds like you are pretty healthy to me! Keep on being you and living a healthy life xoxo

  5. How frustrating! It's crazy how doctors will only look at numbers and not pay attention to muscle mass or overall body composition, as clearly you are not overweight! So ridiculous. I'm sorry you had to sit through that. You are a beautiful, fit, inspiring mom! I'm glad you wrote about this and put it out there... I've heard similar things from many of my clients and it is not okay.

  6. I am so sorry that these quick words out of your doctor's mouth were hurtful and ill-thought. You know what is right for you and your own body. And as to the vertigo... I experienced that a while back and learned it was a bit of inner ear trouble where crsytals form and cause dizziness/spinning sensation when getting up and down. It is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and can easily be remedied by movements of the head (Epley Maneuver). I never took drugs. I hope you will search it out. Good wishes to you!