Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weigh-In Wednesday

Day 1 back-to-school is in the books and I am back teaching for my 16th year!  It's amazing how quickly those years have passed!  I remember when I was a new teacher and filling out retirement paperwork.  That date seemed so incredibly far away...and now I'm almost 20 years in!  I can honestly say that the saying of  "Find what you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life" is true.  Teaching has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl...and working with the population that I do is so rewarding!  Not every day is filled with doves and roses but there are certainly far more amazing days than bad! 

Back to school also means that I don't have the wiggle room as much as I do in the summer to get my workouts in.  In the summer, I can wake up a little later and still make it out for a run without throwing the whole family off...or I could squeeze in a workout while the girls were having rest time after the beach.  Now I need to be home and in the shower by 6:15ish or else I am staring down a late night workout!  The key really is to put it all on my calendar! 
Yes I color code my planner...doesn't everyone?!  My workout is scheduled just like date night and the girls' soccer games.

Yesterday I didn't go to the gym because it was chickie's first day of 2nd grade and I wanted to be home to do all our first day, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and lots of hugs and kisses!  I gladly trade my workouts to show my family that they are important to me!!  The girls were both wiped after a long first day, so this meant that I didn't start as late as I usually have to!  The plan was for 3 circuits of weights hitting my whole body with 10 minutes of sprints in between each circuit.  The result....
Total sweating mess and loving it!!  I showered and promptly crashed on the couch (It was my first day too!).

This morning I was back to the early morning routine of 5am gym time...5 miles with 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles of 30-60-90 pick-ups, 1 mile cool down.  After doing faster speeds I am the least patient with the cool down.  I have to really resist the urge to push. 
I'm feeling good getting back into a regular running schedule after being away from it for a while.  I am excited to see in the next few weeks if I can get back some of that long mile speed.  Like I said yesterday, I am loving my early morning long runs with our group!!

Ok so the final verdict.....I am down another pound for -2lbs total.  Nothing life changing but at least it is going in the right direction!!

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  1. 16 years of teaching! and I am almost done with my 16th year of nursing. Time flies!