Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Flipout

I can be so predictable sometimes....just ask my hubby! This morning I should have seen coming but for whatever reason it caught me by surprise. I overslept which meant I didn't have time for my early morning run (I have exactly 55 minutes to run at the gym and be home to shower before wiggle room really) which put me in a crabby mood. That snowballed due to the fact that I have gone into full fledged Martha Stewart mode making things for Emma's party on Sunday (which by the way is forecast for snow...of course). I am just pressed for time with only a few days left and all I really want to do is relax...enjoy the tree with my family...and run until I'm no longer stressed and tense. My hubby said sometimes he can almost see my thorns on a flower! I know it will all get done and I can't wait to post pics after...we're talking Elmo party extravaganza...but right now I'm a little stressed and coffeed out! Actually, though, just venting has felt good!

On a merrier note, we went to Edaville USA yesterday to take Em to see the lights, ride the train, and see the big man. She loved the train and kept saying Choo choo! The big man Santa....not so much! Once I get home I will post pics...very funny!

I hope you are having a great Friday!! Anything fun on tap this weekend?

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  1. So fun - we went to Edaville this summer and my son loved it! I've heard it's great at Xmas too! Have fun at the Elmo party...crossing my fingers that that storm heads out to sea!!!