Monday, December 6, 2010

Strong Starts

Well Monday always seems to come too fast! As a teacher though I have already started counting how many wake-ups until break...18 to be exact! It is even harder when the weekend leaves you wanting more! We finished up our weekend with getting a tree (We were going to see Santa come in on a fishing boat...very exciting for me...but the little lady woke up with a yucky stuffy nose so no go!). I love Christmas and everything about it but my hubby REALLY loves it! It is always so fun to see him around this time!

Yesterday my longish run was great even though my legs are still mad at me for doing so many walking lunges at the gym the other day! Going along straight was fine but the downhills was where they were screaming...note to self: Do walking lunges earlier in the week! Today I woke up ungodly hour for some...and headed to the gym to get in 5 miles. I think this is where my running funk is coming from. Sometimes the treadmill is really the "dreadmill". Got the miles in though and started off the week on the right foot even though I wanted to be snuggly in bed! Working this week on 3 early morning runs and 2 weight days. I am thinking of doing legs on the running days though. That way they won't be too sore for runs.
How do you do strength training for your legs without it impacting your runs?
I am still working on some goals for the coming year...can't believe it's December!

Oooh on a side note I am very proud of my money savingness yesterday. Since we have moved down here the groceries have been more expensive...just an added perk I guess. Well I have been trying my hardest to get under $100 for the week and I got it addition to saving $36 I also got a coupon for a free shutterfly album. SCORE!!!

Hope you all have a great Monday!!! How are you going to start your week strong?


  1. Cracking up at your new banner! :)

    Nice work getting up & on that workout this morning! And I know, groceries are so much more expensive here too. $100/wk is awesome! Might have to make that a New Year's Resolution... :) Do you do coupons, make a meal list? How'd you do it?

  2. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. Yay for saving money. I am a teacher too and I only have 9 more wake-ups until break:) I am bad when it comes to lower body strength training because I realized it is hurting my knees...I am probably doing it wrong.

  3. you are amazing! did you figure out how you got the album? I still cannot figure out what I bought! You are a money saving machine :)

  4. I love savings like that! And shutterfly albums are great.

    So glad to have found your blog! What grade do you teach? My weekend sounds very similar to yours; I was bumming on Sunday because we didn't get our tree and then just in time I finished my plans and grading and we were able to get to the tree farm.

  5. My legs are killing me from lifting. I dont know how people do both! Nice job on the savings and love the santas at the top