Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

On my way to work this morning, before my daily call to Mom...yes I call my Mom every morning and love it!...I began to think about what my three things would be about today. Should it be three things I wish I had....or three things that confused me this morning...three things I wish I had done the night before so I wasn't running late...three things that annoy me about cold weather...

Then it hit me...the next few weeks are the last ones of 2010 and though it has been a tough year at times it has been a year of
strength and goals. So for the next few weeks I am going to focus on three things each week that I am thankful to have done/accomplished/been blessed by.

1. Goals, goals, and more goals! This year it is safe to say that I have met just about all my running goals and I am so thankful for this!!! 1000 miles, 5k PR, 1/2 marathon PR DONE!!!

2. No injuries please! This year I am so thankful that I stayed injury free. I am not someone who is prone to injury, but as the years tick by and I get further and further from my 20s I know that each year without injury is a good one!

3. Running buddy love! Many years ago when I ran Boston I trained with a very good friend of mine. Let's just say things didn't go so well and I lost a very dear friend. Well this year I was blessed with an amazing running buddy that was not only a kick ass runner b
ut an amazing woman and friend!

What did 2010 bring you?


  1. Kudos on a great running year! My running year was good too. Thanks for the comment on my post. Sometimes even my Pollyanna butt gets the blues.

  2. Great post. My 2010 accomplishments were my first 10k, half and full and I will hit 900 miles for the 9 months this year that I actually ran... for 2011 I want 1100 miles and I would really like a sub 30 5k and would love to drop my half time down to closer to 2 hours and my full under 5! It's going to be a busy year for me!!! Congrats on meeting your goals - you are a rockstar!!!

  3. I love that you call mom each day! And hurray for injury free!

  4. injury free is a HUGE thing, awesome!