Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TIck Me Off Tuesday!

Ok so I wouldn't say I'm ticked off...just a bit annoyed but annoyed doesn't start with the same letter as Tuesday so ticked off I am! There have been a few things between last night and today that have gotten my goat and I wanted to vent a bit...sorry!

1. Last night I walked into the gym...after a few too many days...and it is now a Work Out World. Ok so not too big a deal since I really only am using it for the treadmill and weights. The classes aren't convenient for people who work. Well the thing that irritated me was that I had to sign up for a contract with this new gym...initiation fee and all!!! I said to the woman at the counter..."So I have to pay an initiation fee to join a gym I am already a member at?" Her response was, "Well you are getting a great deal...unlimited tanning and free friends!" Well whoopee do...anyone want to go to WOW with me and get some skin cancer! Jokes aside I am a little pasty lately but who isn't in December! I have been to gyms before that have changed names and the current members were just switched over. It just rubbed me the wrong way to have to repay the initiation fee.
Am I being too sensitive? Has this happened to you? Be honest!

2. Today Em and I made the big trek over the bridge, which she says is her bridge...add that to the list of everything else in the house! Gotta love 2 year-olds! Like I was saying we headed over the bridge to our favorite store...Target. Imagine me saying that in my best French accent! Well it was great but don't you just hate when the check-out people act like they would rather walk across hot coals than wait on you? I told her to promptly have a GREAT day as she ran away from the register as soon as she gave me my receipt. I worked in retail for a while and I know people can suck but can't you fake it?!

3. My father-in-law volunteered to play with the girl so I could go to the gym today, since a run outside would mean competing with 50mph freezing winds, and wouldn't you know sass-a-frass is taking her sweet time falling asleep. On our ride back to our house she told me she couldn't look for boats while we went over the bridge because she was too tired, but get her in her nice cozy bed and its party time! I am hoping Bumpa is still up for a playdate cause just reading over this post it's obvious that Momma needs to sweat a little!!


  1. OH no, sounds like a bad day! I can't not believe they charge you initiation fee, first time I ever heard that! I would be upset as well! I hope you feel better tomorrow :)

  2. That gym thing would totally tick me off. I use our county gym, so I've never dealt with that, but I would have been beyond angry.

    Hope you got a workout in yesterday afternoon.

  3. I don't think "free friends" are worth repaying the initiation fee. Are they getting away with it because there's no competition in your town or could you go somewhere else?

    Just found your blog...clearly I've been missing out!