Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I was trying to think of a general theme for today's three things but I am feeling quite random today so that is what you get!

1. Speaking of random, sometimes I see the weirdest things on my way to work but today's was the weirdest! I am out and on the highway by 6:30 so there isn't much action usually but today was a hoot! I drive by a nature reservation and I usually see a bunch of pick-up trucks there. Today I found out what those were...there were about 7 guys in their camo and orange vest surrounding the edge of the preserve holding their rifles and looking into the woods. I had two"Don't you have to go INTO the woods to get Bambi?"....two-If I was still back where we used to live this would have prompted me to call the police and have a lock down!. Today it just caused me to giggle!

2. Part of the reason I think my motivation is low is because I am working hard exercise wise and the scale laughs at me each morning! Part of this I know has been my eating...a little too heavy on the sugar...I am looking for new ways to get more veggies in my diet while still sticking to a budget. Any ideas...why is it so much more expensive to eat healthy? Shouldn't it be less?

3. My hubs has expressed interest in running a 5k which means I have gone into all out detective mode to find one for him! I can't even tell you how excited I am that he even wants to run!!! Of course I need to temper my excitement too...just because he said he would like to do one doesn't mean I have to talk about it every day!!! Can you tell I'm excited??!!


  1. that would be so much fun to run with your husband! I'm lucky if my husband just goes for a walk!

  2. I just came across your blog...
    It is so hard for me to not eat that darn sugar too, especially at this time of year. Good luck.

  3. It is unfortunate that it costs so much more to eat better food. That is sad really. we get a big container of Organic Spinach and eat handfuls of it through the day with a light dressing on it. We put it in everything. Great way to get veggies and not too much money!

    So cool your hubby is going to run a race. I'm trying to get my husband to run a half marathon with me again soon. Since the kids came, we have not raced together and I miss it.

  4. So awesome about your husband and the 5K!! My husband has done one half marathon and full with me and it really helped him appreciate the sport! I don't know what he thought runners were, but at his first half he kept looking around at all the runners & saying, wow, these people really are athletes! :)