Sunday, December 5, 2010

I (heart) Running

I think it's safe to say that lately I haven't really been feeling the love for running. I have been doing it but grumbling all the way to my blog posts. This morning I headed out, bundled up in my winter gear, for a quick "long" run (about 7 miles). About 3 miles in I got that growing feeling in my heart like the Grinch...I LOVE TO RUN!!! I love the way it makes me feel...I love the way my worries just melt away as each mile ticks by...I love taking in the scene around me...I LOVE TO RUN! I was so excited to feel this because I was worried I was hitting a wall with running. Even though I wouldn't say my motivation is back to normal, I am glad to say I don't dread it!

Oooh and a side note I think I found a race for the hubs and I...a partner race for Valentine's Day! We'll see!!

I hope today you are feeling the matter where it is coming from!!

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  1. I think this ebb and flow in our relationship with running is normal. At least, I find myself hitting lulls in my running life only to be reminded just how much I love it! I find that sometimes I have to remind myself that I do it because I love it and not because I HAVE to do it. :) Oh, and what an awesome picture on your blog header! so cool! Glad you had a good Grinch heart grow of a run!