Friday, January 28, 2011

My Scale is Broken.....

or at least I feel like it is!!! I have taken this month to really crack down on my eating. Granted the first week was around my birthday and there was copious amounts of frosting but I feel like I have more than made up for it the last three. Well I feel like either my scale is broken or much like the above cartoon! Maybe you all could help me out or shed light on what is making my weight loss pause...or reverse!

For exercise, I am getting in 5-6 days a week of cardio and 2 days of weights (not every week....need to do better with this). This month so far I have logged 115 miles of running. In that I have done distance, tempo, speed drills, etc.

Eating: I am trying to follow a lower carb higher protein diet. This has always worked for me in the past but this time around....well you know! Here is a typical day for me:
Breakfast: protein shake 250 calories
coffee with unsweetened almond milk
Snack: 1/4 cup almonds
Lunch: either soup (beans, veggies, and chicken) or roasted veggies with
apple or banana
Snack: apple with peanut butter, fiber one bar, cottage cheese with
cashews...this meal always varies
Dinner: usually something involving a veggie and lean meat. I try to
portion it out so it isn't more than 300-400 calories and low in
Sometimes snack: sugar free pudding
I am usually getting between 1500 and 1700 calories which is in my range according to Spark People. I am drinking around 8-10 servings of water.

Anyone have any suggestions???

I want to be down 10lbs and it is getting frustrating!!!!


  1. wow, it looks like you're doing everything right. I would say to try more strength work, get your muscles going to burn more when you're at rest.

  2. I'm with Molly.

    I eat lower carb too. I just feel better when I eat like this.

    I swear by the high fiber cereal [Fiber One] in the afternoon as a snack with almond milk. I'd try taking out any artificial sweeteners.

  3. Looks like you're doing great with your diet...better than me. I don't have a ton of suggestions but I swear by JIllian michaels' trouble zone don't have to have trouble zones to get a kick but fat burning workout. :) $9 at Target. worth every penny...totally helped me get baby fat off.

  4. But then again, looks like you're getting plenty of exercise. I guess to lose weight or cut the fat, my husband and I would always focus on keeping our heart rate lower than if we were busting out a speed workout. Also intervals of jogging really slow and then speeding up and slowing down again work GREAT for burning fat. even walking/running intervals on the TM work wonders. Jill @ Run With Jill posted something about this on her blog a couple back...I think probably like 3 blogs back.

  5. You look like you are eating well. Sometimes muscle confusion with a different workout burns more cals. I always love treadmill intervals of 30s on, 30s off at +9 mph and a steep incline.

    Good luck!!!

  6. Shake it up! Eat a high calorie day (crazy, I know) then resume eating well. Throws your body off. Try a new exercise, something different its not expecting.

  7. I agree with Tricia, give yourself a big ole cheat day to shake things up.
    I'm with SparkPeople for 2 weeks now. Cannot believe I'm actually journaling for once.

  8. How frustrating! I sympathize, but it appears you are on the right track.

  9. hmm. since you're working out a good amount and seem to be eating very well, i could only suggest trying a different "level" of net calorie intake? maybe your body needs more (or less) than 1500-1700?

  10. Uhh.. I am no help. I feel like I was in the same place after Nick and I couldn't figure it out. Are you shocking your body enough with different workouts? Do you think maybe more calories with all of your activity level? Those are things people asked me but I couldn't figure it out. Now with 2 kids, chasing nick around and nursing, I'm back where I want to be. Maybe have #2 :) haha.

  11. ok i've been having the same stuck scale as you and based on everyone's comments... i guess that means i need to do more strength work :)

  12. I just blame it on the horridness that is January. That and our bodies want to be bears - they want to hibernate and eat. My guess is the scale will start cooperating once the weather does! Hang in there.

  13. Maybe you're at the weight you're body is supposed to be at and your body is slowing down your metabolism to keep from losing any more weight.