Sunday, January 2, 2011

Virtual 5 Miler

Yesterday I headed to the canal to meet Jill, her boyfriend Brian, and her brother Stu for a virtual 5 miler with Run to the Finish. Other than the scenery being gorgeous since the path runs along the canal, the weather was amazing at 45 degrees. That is a minor miracle on Jan 1st in New England!

The race bibs were such an awesome idea and instead of a number you put your resolution. I have many this year (which is another post all together) but my most important one and the one on my bib was to laugh more and worry less. This past year I realized how much time and energy I spent being stressed. In 2011 I want to work on laughing adversity...just laugh!

We had a great time together enjoying a great day and a great run!! What a way to kick off 2011!!! Now to tackle the other resolution on my lose those Christmas pounds!


  1. Great pictures! Seems like the perfect run :)

  2. Bermuda was AWESOME. Sort of a "small" town feel to the island, and that translated really well to the small feeling of the race. The locals are proud of their race. I was injured, and didn't run, but the spectating was super. Actually, I see that you do a lot of racing on the cape(?), so Bermuda will be "small town" in the way that cape cod is also "small town". Anything else? - ginnyflynn at gmail dot com

  3. What a great way to start the new year! I love your resolution! I need a little more of that in my own life!