Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Ok so this morning I was going to write about three things that are making me feel old know with my 32nd birthday looming on Saturday I had a long list forming. Could be the wrinkles I have been finding...or the fact that I work with kids who were born after I started teaching but I have decided to look on the positive side. I mean my 30 year-old self is kicking my 20 year-old self's ass at running speeds...pretty cool considering I am about 20lbs heavier now and I had Em just weeks before my 30th birthday. I thought I would never get to where I am so I am going to celebrate my old self!! Instead today's three things are three nicknames that I have!!!

1. Fancy Nancy-got the nickname when I was about 3 in gymnastic class with my underwear hanging out of my leotard. It stuck and low and behold I'm in children's books now! Ha! Just kidding but Emma does have all of them and I was her for our school's book character day!

dressed as Fancy Nancy....5 months preggers!

2. Pippi-I got this name playing softball. I had really long curly hair and as a catcher I needed a way to pull it back, fit all my hair under the helmet, and keep it from getting snarly. Solution...pigtails! They stuck with me until I graduated from college! Haven't worn them since. It may be time to break them back out!

3. Cheeks-This was another one I got way back and actually haven't been called it in a long time. Let's just say I had a school dance to go to and didn't want VPL so I was a little forward thinking at a time when thongs weren't as mainstream as they are now. Well it stuck...for a while at least!

Well that was fun! Much better than whining about how old I'm getting!