Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions I Should Have Made....

...not wait until the last second to leave the house for work.....
...not to eat dinner before going to the gym...
...not to whine, make fun of, get irritated with all the new people at the gym now that it is January

Today's gym visit was weight time...I thought I would share with the class what my workout looks like. This came from my very favorite trainer in the whole world, Di. She is a lovable trainer who could give Jillian a run for her money. I would be a flabby mess if it wasn't for her and I miss her like crazy. I digress....

So here was today's workout. I hope it helps you! The supersets are exercises done one after another 3 times. For example: 12 lunges, 12 shoulder raises, 12 bicep curls then repeat 3 times.

10 min run @ 8 min mile pace
Superset #1
walking lunges (out and back), lateral raises, hammer curls
Superset #2
chest press, reverse fly, tricep kickbacks one armed
10 min elliptical
one-legged squat, front raises, bicep curls
flies, tricep extensions, upright row
10 min bike

Normally I would go and do another 2 supersets and 10 more minutes but it was getting close to 9pm and I wanted to go home. The basic premise is to keep your heart rate elevated the whole time. Ok now I'm friggin wiped and going to bed!!!


  1. wowzers, makes me tired just reading it!

  2. So guilty of not getting out of bed until 10min before I need to leave for work... Don't feel bad :)