Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pay It Forward

First let me say thank you to all of you for your encouraging words. I know it is a daily choice and it will take time but it is so nice to feel the love!!!

Today I was trying to think of something significant to do for 1-11-11...run 11 miles? (no time today)...no clue so I decided to share two of my favorite stories this morning that have touched me this week.

The first is from a blog that I stalk...I mean read daily. She is a Mom of 2 little girls and an amazing photographer. I mean I wish I could have half her talent! Well her youngest daughter was born unexpectedly with Down Syndrome. The way that she has worked this into a positive in her life is inspiring! Her beautiful daughter is turning 1 soon and she is raising money for Down Syndrome. Stop by her blog here and click on the icon on the top. She is encouraging others to pay it forward and celebrate life!

The second story was from an article I read in my Runner's World last week. It was titled "Moving Comfort" and if you don't get the magazine click here. The article told the story of a mom whose husband died in Afghanistan while serving in the Army. Her two children are small and at the time her youngest was only 3-weeks old. This story was so humbling. She shared how she uses running to reflect and connect again with her husband. She went on to show how she and many other Army wives gather each week and run to remember and/or honor those who fight for our freedom. The story was just so moving and humbling to see these women's strength.

I hope you have a great 1-11-11!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing those. I've already read the Runner's World article. Amazing and strong women.