Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Well here we go again here in Massachusetts....another snow storm! This has been a very snowy January! As I was driving....rather sledding home from work yesterday, I had the funniest thought: driving in the snow is like running a race!!! It made me giggle and thought I would share three....or more parallels I thought of!

How Driving in the Snow is like Running a Race

1. When driving in the snow there are always those people who are driving faster than you up ahead. I have to fight the urge to try to go as fast as them and catch up! Imagine that person you have picked out on the road during the race and you have to fight the urge to risk bonking by trying to sprint to pass them. Ok who am I kidding? I'm easily drawn in and try to pass!!

2. Driving in the snow is unpredictable! You follow the "rules" you think will get you to your destination safely and then boom black ice or a dope going too fast. Sometimes races don't go the way we think! You do the training...follow your pre-race ritual...Garmin tells you all is ok but BOOM you bonk!

3. Awww the feeling of getting to your house after driving in the are safe and sound and you can pry your white-knuckled hands off the steering wheel. You have arrived and made it safely!! I cried as I rounded the corner and saw the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I had done it! Is there any better feeling than crossing the finish line of a race knowing you had done it!?

I could go on (it was a long drive) but I am passing the torch to you all!
How is driving in a snowstorm like running in a race?

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  1. My abs feel about the same after a long drive in the snow as they do after a tough race. I spend so much time tensing up my entire body to hold my foot back from slamming on the break, that it's a great core workout!