Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Sometimes I think it is harder to get back into the groove the more days off I have! Last week was a short week at school due to an inservice day and snow day...this week it was good ole Martin Luther King Jr....well today I am finding myself doing the snow dance again for tomorrow!! I know it will stink when it is 90 degrees in June and I'm sweating my toosh off but right now I am just not very inspired by the thought of going to work!

For today here are three other things that are getting in the way of me getting my groove back with running and such!
1. My back- Not sure if I have talked about it before but I hurt my back when Em was just 6 months old. We're talking hospital and lots of drugs hurt. I was thankfully working out with my trainer when it happened and she was able to call the ambulance to take me out. I literally couldn't move for a few days. Well after my tempo run this week (which kicked butt I might add) the ole back is feeling like it is very angry at me. Wanting to avoid another blow out and trying to stay injury free, I have been being a little nicer to it. I have had to go a little easier on the running, am stretching a lot and icing and heating like crazy! Anyone who has thrown their back out before knows the panic that can set in at the smallest twinge!

2. Jersey Shore baby!- Ok so I wouldn't say this was getting in my way of getting my groove back but I had to just add this in. Last night I went for a run at the gym and it was like a scene from the Jersey Shore! Two girls in particular kept me giggling for a while as they took pictures of each other on their phones as they performed different exercises, talked with several of the guys, and were wearing clothes that if they actually did anything strenuous body parts may be exposed! I went earlier than I normally do, although I have been trying to go more mornings, and it was a different scene! The music was pumping and there was quite a crowd. Lots to keep me occupied over 6 miles!

3. Gotta love New England- The weather has been tricky lately. Last week we had a snow storm which didn't do much and therefore I had a good week with mileage. I was able to get to the gym each morning and get in a great long run outside on Saturday. This week I have been dragging butt and have been going at night but still getting in the miles. Well forecast for the next few days...snow and frigid cold. Tomorrow I will probably have to skip my morning run so that I have plenty of time to get to work and I am on the fence about my long run on Saturday. I really don't want to do it on the treadmill since it is 10 miles but the thought of running in 5 degrees doesn't sound like a party either. Any suggestions for wicked cold temps???

Well I hope your Thursday treats you well!


  1. What I do if it's just too cold but I have too far to bear doing on the mill, is I do half outside and half on the mill. Still mentally tough but maybe worth a try.

    Too funny about the Jersey Shore scene!

  2. Hope your back's feeling better soon! I did something to mine last week after never having back issues before, and it stinks! I'm nursing the hot water bottle and trying to stay sane while taking a little bit of time off from running and biking. Not fun!

  3. I've been wondering how to work my run this weekend too! The weather forecast is scaring me! :) Hope your back pain eases up. What was your diagnosis? I had to take a semester off in college because I injured my SI joint. NOT fun stuff.

  4. Good luck trying to find the groove again, and I hope your back is feeling better by now!

  5. I hope your back is feeling better soon! Maybe you should get a nice massage :)