Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5k Virtual Race Report

Yesterday part of my 5 miler park run was for the virtual race over at Alicia Runs amazing fundraiser for autism. It was our first really hot day plus I was pushing the chickie but I got it in and have the pictures to prove it!!!

Em did the carbloading for me before the run!

Before the sweat fest started!!! Sorry about the backwards Bondi!

No records today by far but I'll take it considering I was pushing an extra 35lbs! And in the end we had fun and supported a great cause! Good luck Alicia!!!


  1. Love it! :) Nice work! And your little one is ADORABLE!

  2. wooo hooo! great job on your "race". and i love the carb loading help from your little one. :)

  3. great run!!! I love the pictures! you totally rocked that run considering it was HOT and you had a lot of extra weight. She is SO cute :)

  4. Nice job! I'm doing this virtual 5k on Friday--but I don't have to push a stroller thank goodness.

  5. Nice look so happy! :) Thanks for your sweet words on my race report. :)