Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture!

Ok so not really this kind of shake but this is such a fun song so I figured I would start with that!

I am quickly coming upon summer vacation....don't hate....and I am looking for something to make shakes with.  I am looking to replace my breakfast and probably lunch with some kind of shake....I did this last year and it worked great.  I am looking to lose a few pounds but really I would like to do this since during the summer quick is always better for me!  Plus who wants to eat a big lunch when it's so hot!  I have used Amazing Grass in the past to mix in with my Green Monster smoothies and am kind of leaning that way but I am looking for suggestions from all of you!  I would love to cut out my morning coffee and just make myself just feel much better all over.....like digestion, energy, you name it!  So.......
What shake/smoothie base do you swear by????


  1. I've got not a thing to contribute, but I have been wanting to start doing shakes for breakfast. So, I'm just going to sit by and see what others suggest :).

  2. Love this song. And my husband and i have been having our smoothies first thing in the morning the past two days. I didn't even want my coffee after my smoothie this morning (gosh I just typed this as shit..that is really easy to do if you're tired and tying fast and dyslexic (which I'm not)). We have been using Whey protein powder mixed with all kinds of veggies and fruits and this stuff called Udo's oil. Kale, spinach, broccoli, berries, plain yogurt, apple juice. Super charging!!

  3. Okay that was really random that I shared my mix up with the word "this"..something I'd think to myself but not type...funny that I actually typed it...that's how tired I am.

  4. so funny you made this post bc I was wondering the same thing on what others used. I decided that I'm going to go with hemp protein to get the extra omegas (i hate seafood) and now its just a matter of finding the right ingredients to make it taste good- good luck!