Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend in Review meets Week Ahead

This weekend, much like so many before, went by way too fast! However I was able to squeeze in lots of things before the final bell on the weekend rang! Friday afternoon Em and I headed down...rather RI for an early Father's Day visit with the fam.

First thing on tap....a long overdue cut and color!

more blonde for the summer....sporting the black and gold GO BRUINS!

The next day I went for a long 10 miles along my favorite coastline! Boy was this needed! You all gave the advice to change up the route and this worked like a charm! The miles ticked by like nothing! It helped that I had beautiful mansions and miles of ocean to keep me busy!

When I say Em loves her cousins I mean she LOVES her cousins. They played (even though it was Crabby Patty Day) all day long together laughing and occasionally yelling at each other! She loved every second of it and as evidenced by the picture above she crashed almost instantly when we got in the car. It was so sad though....she woke up in the middle of the night crying for her cousin Maya....she just loves them!

This week I have 35 miles on tap and my plan is to nail my workouts! One thing that I am psyched about is my 5k on Wednesday. My lovely hubby is watching Em this Wednesday while I head up to Beverly to join my girls and run in our traditional 5k! Amanda at 5 miles 2 empty posted about the value of running buddies and is even naming June 25th Running Buddy Day! Even though my loving running buddies will be going crazy all out that day at the Warrior Dash, I will still be honoring them! This 5k I will be running with a friend Julie in her first 5k. I can't wait to see everyone!!! In preparation for Running Buddy Day, I'll leave you with a few pics of my buddies and pit crew! I hope this summer to add the hubs to my running buddy pack....hint hint honey!!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm DESPERATELY trying to convince my hubs to run with me... let me know how that goes! :)

  2. Hair looks great and good luck on 35 miles.

    Seems like Em is catching some flies in that picture. So cute.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend - and running along that RI coast sounds perfect!

    Have fun with your 5k!

  4. The cut looks great! I have a similar look to my hair , when it's newly done- but a shade lighter. Right now it's in need of TLC.
    It's sure nice to see some new scenery running :) Have a FUN 5k!!

    The cousin love thing- I think it is so precious. I never knew my cousins and just love that my kids can be close to theirs.

  5. Your cut and color looks fabulous!! Em looks adorably wiped out!

    The RI coast looks gorgeous!!! You have had lots of running buddies! So blessed!

  6. I had my hair cut and colored this weekend too, although mine was to cover all those grey hairs : )

    love the pics!

  7. wow - what a treat to be able to run on a coast!! :) And I thought it was bliss running around one of the 10,ooo lakes last week! :)

    keep up the GREAT work, mama!