Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today I was caught several times thinking about how a little change in perspective can change everything. I remember when my sister was getting married, my mother brought out her wedding gown. Now whenever talking about her self my mom would tell us about how heavy she always was. Well the dress was SO TINY!!! It didn't fit neither my sister nor I and my mom was able to see that she wasn't what she thought. Today I had something similar happen. I put on a shirt that I bought last summer at a time where I thought I was smaller than I am right now. Well....it was about a size too big....all about perspective!!!

Here are a few others that caught me today:
  • I normally run comfortably at a sub 9 min mile pace...usually around 8:30...add a 32lb toddler and suddenly that pace is a CHALLENGE!
  • When I was first training for a marathon, 10 miles was a distance that seemed FOREVER to run, now it's my go to distance every weekend!
  • A 10 minute drive used to be SO LONG to drive to the store....now its close!
  • In college I thought....man I'm so busy....now, well don't even get me started! I would kill for the free time I had in college but wouldn't change my life for anything!
What has you changing your perspective on things today?


  1. Perspective changes all sorts of things. Throw in a tragedy or sad news and it REALLY changes things. I think it's always good to keep perspective in check, especially when it's things like body image, etc.