Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweating My Thorns Off Buddyless!

Happy Running Buddy Day!  I had big plans for today to run with my current running buddy Em but she spiked a fever this morning and has been sleeping ever since! 

My other, adult, running buddies are kicking some butt today in the crazy Warrior Dash...go get em girls!

So I ran today's Sweating Your Thorns off Virtual 5k before my long run....alone.  I did it on the mill thinking maybe I would luck out and someone would get on the mill next to me and I could adopt them as a running buddy.....not so much! 

 Before....wearing my bib with pride!

I did a mile warm-up and then reset the mill to start the 5k.  I know I have said it before but does anyone else think you're running faster on the treadmill than you really think?   I just kept upping the speed each 5 minutes and was pretty happy with my time.  Not a pr but pretty close to my last few 5k times! 

And oh baby was I sweaty!!!  It hasn't been very warm here the past few days but the humidity is way up which equals....a sweaty mess!  Finished up my long run after for another 10 miles before I called it a day! 

After...ok I realize now that I don't look all that me I was!

I really had fun pushing myself on the mill!  I am hoping that this will translate into a pr at my 5k race in 2 weeks....I am hoping to place!!!  

Looky what was waiting for me at home......Compression socks from Alicia at Alicia Runs!!!  As you can see I am over the moon excited about these!!!!  They have been something I have really wanted to try out!  THANKS Alicia!!!!!!


  1. Yay for compression socks! I just got some and I love them. I use them mostly for recovery, but I have run in them a couple of times. I hadn't heard about that virtual run. I did do a different one yesterday though. I had no running buddy today either :(

  2. Congrats on your 5k time! I find that I feel I'm going faster than what I am on the TM too, however what I LOVE about the TM is that its so easy to do better form (mid striking). I have horrible form to begin with, so it doesn't take much to improve, but hey, I won't let that get me down. Productive running day.

  3. YOu rock!! AWESOME 5K time!!

  4. amazing that you can go all out for a 5k and then run 10 more like there's nothing to it. :) I am impressed!

    so happy you like your socks! I was hoping it would be a good surprise. your pic is too cute.

  5. way to push it on the TM! remind yourself in your upcoming race how capable and strong you were on the mill, and that you can push harder during the race. think something like "i can give more", maybe?

  6. great job! you're going to love your compression socks : )

  7. Congrats!! That picture of you w/ the socks is HILAROIUS

  8. NICE 5k time, Nancy! You rock!!

  9. Great job!! I HAVE got to get back into running! Thanks for the inspiration:)