Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up meets Week Ahead

Good morning all!!

What a whirl-wind weekend here on Cape Cod!! that has left the hubby and I wondering if we are awful parents and if we will ever have a life again!!! Poor Em is a little Crabby Patty lately for reasons we don't know. Poor little chickie has a diaper rash that won't quit so I guess that would make me pretty crabby! Combine that with not enough sleep and you have the melt down that she had at a cookout this weekend. We all needed a hug last night!!

The weekend wasn't a total bust though....we made it down to Touch a Truck yesterday and Em had a blast driving the big trucks and touching all the buttons! She even pulled the big horn!!! She loved it and it was a great time!

Running for me has continued to be frustrating mostly due to the yucky cough I have developed. I am fine running but once I stop it sounds like I smoke 2 packs a day!! I am determined (I know I say this every week) to get a 40 mile week in this week and I think I can really do it! I am very close to 600 miles for the year and 40 miles would put me above and beyond! This past week was good for food and what not so now I just need to add back my running once I can breathe! Thank you again so much for your support and encouraging words!!! I feel so blessed!!!

Sorry this is so random today but I'm a little sleep deprived between coughing and diaper issues....all the more reason to potty train!! I hope your Monday goes great!!!


  1. Sorry about the baby melt down. Diaper rash is rotten!! I hope your cough goes away soon. Breathing is pretty important when you are trying to run. :)

  2. my dad drives a big truck and i know as a kid I was fascinated with it!

    hope the crazy cough goes away!