Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Funky Friday

Can you tell I love alliteration?! This morning I woke up feeling just yucky (yucky doesn't start with F though thus the funky Friday!) It is frustrating because I am behind on my miles this week and above all else I am all set with feeling off! I was thinking it was allergies yesterday but today I'm not so sure if it is allergies or a cold. Who gets a cold in June?! I am giving myself a pass today and will be back on the saddle tomorrow...that's right I'm putting on my big girl pants!!!

In other news, since I'm a virtual race junkie as of late I joined another fun one that I found when I was reading FinallyFit2011. She wrote about the Virtual Insanity race series of 5k races for 4 months. This should put me over my goal for Race for the Bling and also challenge me to have fun with these races. Head on over to Moms Run This Town and sign up!!! So fun and great prizes!!
I'm leaving you with a picture from the weekend...we don't always make our dinner guests do planks for their meal but Jill is an exception...ha it was for her blog to show that I was her plank buddy...she is awesome and she should know that because I wouldn't do these for anyone else!!! Can you tell I'm not a big fan of planks?!


  1. Great picture of planks! i shall have to check to out the Virtual 5k series, sounds fun!

  2. Yay for planks! Thanks for the comment this morning! Nice to hear from you..I've been following your blog for awhile even thought I don't always comment. Your name caught my eye since Fancy Nancy is a name we love around here. ;)

  3. one of my running besties has a sinus infection. Can you believe it? Take care of yourself, don't do anything to make you to run down:) happy weekend!

  4. Sorry you're feeling yucky! I need to sign up for some races- virtual or otherwise- STAT!