Thursday, January 2, 2014

Here We Go 2014!

Yes Fancy Nancy fans it's the New Year and if you've been a reader here then you know I'm a resolution girl.  This quote I think for me sums up how I've been feeling about goals for 2014!
2013 for me was about getting myself mentally and physically back after having Aubs.  I know some people bounce right back and are staring down Kona just months after giving birth but well my body let me know the first time around that if I wasn't kind to would not be kind to me!  Lesson learned!  I've been tossing around phrases and words that are going to be my mantra for 2014 (I'll share tomorrow) but here are my goals for this year!!
  • lose 20-30lbs by June....I feel I have to put a time frame on this for my own mind....less lbs = faster times!
  • Run a sub 1:50 half marathon
  • Run 1500 miles
  • Run 14 races (real and virtual!)
  • Finally get Sarah Jessica Parker arms!
  • This may seem contradictory considering the other ones but...ACCEPT ME (goods and bads)
Honestly the last one will probably be my biggest challenge because I know I am my own worst critic!  However, I can't be an example to my little ladies if I can't accept myself first!

There you have it...I'm beyond psyched to see what 2014 has in store!

Do you make resolutions?  Do you find you are harder on yourself than others?


  1. Here is to a wonderful, healthy and happy 2014! Go get it.

  2. Happy and healthy new year Nancy! Great goals! Yes, I have goals for the new year and sharing them tomorrow :)

    An all caps YES to your second question! Although, I'm happy to say that I ended 2013 being closer to accepting myself than ever before. It feels kind of nice :)

  3. Love the Sarah Jessica Parker arms goal, she does have great arms. Great goals, now go get em!

  4. I've set intentions for myself this year. Not resolutions. I feel that right now, living by intent works for me :) Wishing you all the best in the new year ahead!

  5. Good luck in the new year! I want those arms too...

  6. Good luck with your goals for 2014!! I love your final goal - such a good one to work on (a constant challenge for sure!).

  7. Good luck with your goals! I have to say, I always like to have goals, but this year (2013) really made me realize that sometimes I set unrealistic goals for myself. 2013 brought on a lot of unrealized goals and sometimes spontaneous things that I didn't even know I wanted! Not that I won't still set them for 2014.... :)

  8. Love that quote! And I'm definitely harder on myself than others.

  9. Super belated happy new year! Hope it's off to a strong start. I am sure you are an excellent role model for the little ones. 1500 miles or bust!