Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's Talk Training Week 2

I have to say that I flip flopped a lot last night and this morning in preparation for writing this post.  In my mind I didn't want to write it but in my heart I knew I had to.  A fellow mother runner and former swimming lesson buddy commented on my Instagram last week thanking me for my honesty.  So thank YOU Kathy!  I need to be real and honest with my successes and struggles and so here's a recap of my not so perfect week!
Monday:  3 miles:  3.3 miles on the mill...learning to embrace the mill!!
Tuesday:  cross-train:  4.2 miles and a killer KB workout
Wednesday:  rest:  3.5 miles of birthday speed work (with an odd jump off the mill and throw up moment thrown in!)
Thursday:  Speed work:  Late night at the gym!  Awesome kettlebell workout with birthday burpees to end it!  Then I jumped on the mill for 7.7 miles of speed!  I felt perfectly drained after!
Friday:  3 miles: Rested...took the ladies to the park to play with friends on an rare mild day!
Saturday: 12 miles: Got in a 3.5 mile run/walk with my sister and for #MegsMiles! 
Yes that's right...9 miles short but it was worth every mile to be able to catch up with my big sis while it rained!
Sunday: Rest: Swung the kettlebells with the ladies and my sister after a far too fun night out doing this:

Looking at this all written up it wasn't as bad of a week as I had thought.  For me falling short on my long run mileage plays with my mind a lot.  It chips at my confidence!  This weekend I am getting it in!  Some miles with my BRF and some longer miles are things to look forward to!! 


  1. I think writing it out is important because you can see all those great training days strung together are way more important than just 1 run! You rocked it.

  2. I think you had a great week! I agree it always looks better when you write it all out, okay not always, but this does!!

  3. What an AWESOME week! Yes, you didn't get the long run you wanted but hey, you did some AMAZING things on your "rest" days.

  4. This was a great week - sometimes quality time with a loved one trumps a run and that's ok.