Thursday, January 30, 2014

TTT...Get moving!

It's Thursday!!!  Yahoooo!  Almost to the end of the week!  These past few weeks I have been doing State standardized testing on my students so the days are full of filling in bubbles and reading directions...sounds like a blast doesn't it!?  Probably because of this my mind is on moving...since I have to stand and watch my students take tests all day!  Enjoy!!

Stop Stroke Shuffle 5K...Fellow ZOOMA Ambassador and just amazing runner (she just completed the Dopey Challenge....amazing) Dani is hosting a virtual 5K in February.  She ran the Boston Marathon last year with Tedy's Team raising money for the American Stroke Association and she is back at it again this year!!  $25 gets you an adorable finisher medal and gets Dani one step closer to her $5000 goal!  I know I'm going to be lacing up my Sauconys and grabbing myself one of these babies!
Click on the medal to head on over!!

Burpee Challenge...I saw this challenge and right away thought of my Thursday night KB know since we love a good challenge that threatens to make us throw up!
courtesy of She Rocks Fitness
In all seriousness a burpee is a great exercise to get the heart pumping!  Since winning the latest Under Armour gear gets my heart doing the same I'm in!  Are you?
#CoreCommit...If you follow me on Instagram...and if not then what is the have seen the last few days pictures of me doing core exercises. 
I joined Ericka from The Sweet Life with Ericka and her Core Power Challenge. 
After having two C-Sections it is safe to say that my core muscles need some attention.  Not only were they stretched to the max twice but then they were cut...three times (surgery prior to children).  Now while my scars are probably going to keep me from becoming the next Giselle (among other height), I know that core muscles are going to help me with just looks.  After long runs I can feel my lower back getting sore.  I'm liking the challenge and getting into the habit of doing core work each day!  Are you part of the challenge?
******DON'T FORGET!!!!!*******
 My Fit February Challenge with Dietbet is starting on February 1st...yes Saturday!!  Don't miss out!  Sign up now!!!


  1. I love challenges to give direction and focus. Way to go Nancy!

  2. I will have to check out the Core Power challenge, I love me some core work. Great job with all the challenges! I kind of love the way burpees kick my butt :)

  3. Great work! All these challenges are going to have you ready to have a killer half!!

  4. Love this! It looks like you have joined some excellent challenges. I just posted a challenge round-up too? I hadn't seen the core power challenge. That looks like a good one! Have fun and rock those challenges!

  5. Nice Burpee challenge.
    Gotta really want it.