Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's Talk Training Week 1

One thing that I am going to try to do this year is to document my training better as I gun for my goal for a sub 1:50 half marathon.  This past week was a clash of the titans as I started my training for my first half of 2014....
4th year in a row!!!

and started the January Reset with Laura!

Let's talk first about how my first week in the reset went.  This past week we were focusing on detoxing our bodies and so sugar, wheat, meat, and dairy were out.  I have to say that I didn't realize how much my body and mind needed this week!  The first 3 days I didn't eat much (compared to what I had been eating) and I didn't even find myself super hungry!  The rest of the week, I began to eat more but it felt awesome to not only be back in control of my eating but also not to feel so bloated anymore!  I have found ways to feed my sweet tooth a little better (I'm currently obsessed with a mix of walnuts and blueberries....random!) and to be more conscious of what I am eating and why.  I know my trigger times (after school...the afternoon munchie monster emerges) and are starting to find ways to get through that (playing in the basement FAR away from the food!).  All in all it was a great week!!  This week and the next few weeks of the challenge, I want to start to be confident in my food choices and not cave to my environment.  So often I don't want to draw attention to what I'm eating or put people out when I'm in social situations.  These next few weeks I'm going to work on being prepared and sticking to what makes me feel good!

I have to say that as the week went on and my fatigue level rose, it was harder and harder to run.  However, my kettlebell workouts went really well.  This week I'm going to focus on getting those runs in and not making excuses!!!  I'm sure Kara Goucher is tired....but she still gets her tiny hiney out of bed and kicks ass!
Monday: 3 miles (with 2 miles tempo): Late night basement run...tired to start but awesome at the end!
Tuesday: 4 mile bike and kettlebells: I'm loving the kettlebells!!  The workout is only 25 minutes but it kicks butt!
Wednesday: 5 miles: Yep...I was tired...and cranky...hubby worked late...so...I bailed
Thursday:  6 mile bike and kettlebells: Did the bells with the ladies at night...love it!
Friday: cross train: Tried to make up for Wednesday's flop...ran 3 on the mill at night
Saturday: 10 mile long run: 8 mile sucktastic run!  Everything hurt from step one!!  I came home and immediately said I need a massage!
Sunday: Rest: It was so nice outside after our arctic vortex so we took the girls for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  When we got home, Em wanted to keep going so I tallied up 2 miles!  Plus both girls too a nap....score!!!

I'm determined this week to hit my goals!!!  I know I just need to get in the zone and get it done!!  No excuses!!!

What do you do when your motivation is low to get you out the door?  Anyone had massages that helped with running?


  1. I am loving doing kettle bell workouts, they really get you going! It can be so hard to eat good when out and about and at work, all those temptations! I could use a massage right now, I think it has been over a year since I last got one.

  2. I'm a big believer in the power of a massage. In fact I scheduled on for this week as I kick off my training.

  3. I think it's tough to make a major food change and start a true training plan at the same time. Way to get it all done!

  4. Honestly, I try to go to bed early and make it as easy as possible to get out the door. Packing my gym bag, getting all my clothes out and putting them right next to my bed, etc...