Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Motivation...Vision Board

Motivation is like starting a new relationship.  At first it is very easy to love the task ahead of you and be pumped to do what it takes...much like when I first met my husband I didn't think twice about staying up for hours just talking and getting to know each other.  As the weeks go by and your body is hurting from pushing it each day and you're tired, your motivation begins to get cloudy much like now my husband and I weigh the benefits of sleep higher than most things!  You have to work at staying motivated just like you have to work at relationships...if you expect to ride the motivation high the whole journey, you will be ill prepared...feed your motivation!!

As promised I present to you my motivation/vision board. 
It is right next to my treadmill so that I can look at it when I want to jump off!!
Keeping my mind on 13.1...and strength
As small as the pic is...I just have to have a pic of my most motivating runner Kara Goucher
Oh yes this is happening in 2014...Ragnar Cape Cod
My favorite slogan...Saucony does it right!  "Find Your Strong"


  1. Love it! I want to hang a bulletin board near the TM to do something like this AND I will be at Ragnar CC this year also! Yea ;)

  2. OOOH I NEED MY BOARD BY MY ELLIPTICAL--not in my office!

  3. I love a good vision board - I've been working on mine and need to find the right spot for it!

  4. I used to make these a lot in college, I don't have any big strength or running goals right now, but maybe I will soon :)

  5. Fun! I'm still a maybe for Ragnar....thinking, thinking, thinking.

  6. I love your board! I have just started to get mine organised this year, thank goodness for pintrest.

  7. Love it Nancy! Wasn't it fun to make.

    I want to run a Ragnar!! Know of any teams looking for a runner :)