Thursday, January 23, 2014

TTT...Why I Need Wine

So for today's three things I'm going a bit off the random path and more onto the PLEASE I'm on my knees PLEASE path!  ZOOMA Women's Race Series which you all know is near and dear to me is having a contest to send one blogger (that would be me) and one reader (that would be you) to NAPA to run in their inagural Napa Valley ZOOMA Half Marathon.
This may sound familiar because I was just talking about ZOOMA a few weeks ago and telling you all to head on over if you are blessed enough to live in Napa to enter to be an ambassador....well now I want to join you and here are three reasons why you should click that pretty button, head over to Facebook and vote for ME!!!

Snow Days...

I'm a teacher...I have two small little ladies...snow days are well...quite different from when they were before!!!  Before kids I would do the happy dance for snow days knowing I could kick my feet up and catch up on chick flicks all day.  After kids I am like a vacation director for people with the shortest attention span EVER!  Not to mention that we no longer get little snow storms...we get snow DUMPED on us and sub zero temps......I NEED WINE!!!

California is the place I think I was meant to be.  Don't get me wrong I love living on Cape Cod but just the thought of a place where I can go to the beach all year round sounds like it has Fancy Nancy written all over it!!  I visited family there once when I was young and it was great but this time around I'm an adult....and I NEED WINE!!!

Teenagers...I work with teenagers for 50% of my day.  If you've never encountered a teenager let me please illustrate it for you.  Imagine a person with the body of an adult but the maturity level of someone much smaller...perhaps a toddler trapped in an adult's body at times.  Add in know those things that keep you thinking about all things about the opposite sex and NO things about you know...homework, passing school, or paying attention.  To add flair imagine that this giant toddler knows everything...done perfect at everything so no need to try to steer them in the right direction!  Getting the picture....I NEED WINE!!!

All joking aside I would love it if you could head on over and cast your vote for your favorite Lil Fancy Nancy and maybe you'll be picking grapes and running 13.1 with me....oh yeah and the wine!!!


  1. Voted a few times already! Good luck! Can I come with you????

  2. Voted girl! I hope you get it, totally deserved.

  3. Voted! You do need wine. Little girls and teenagers. Agh!

  4. Now I want some wine for some odd reason. ;)

    Good luck with your Zooma contest! (I voted for my friend who's an ambassador down here in Florida. I hope at least one of you wins!)

  5. Voted! I'm with you about thinking I was meant to live somewhere else. I think I'm a Florida girl at heart. This Michigan winter crap is so out of control.