Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reflections on Reset

For 21 days I have been part of Laura's awesome January Reset Detox Challenge. 
This could not have come at a better time for me as I was done with feeling bloated from my holiday disgresions and ready to be focused and kick 2014 in the you know what!  With Laura's support and weekly meal plans/shopping lists, I was able to not only able to focus my eating but also learn so much about the things that make it run the way it should. 
Thoughts on the detox
Like I said I have learned some really great things while on this detox about my body and what types of food keeps it running well.  Here are just a few lessons learned.
  • Sugar is not my least if I want to ever get rid of this belly fat!  I laugh because as a teenager I can remember surviving off of Mike and Ikes and Swedish Fish because they had no fat.  If I only knew then...or if I only had my metabolism from then now!
  • Gluten is right up there with sugar....getting away from the sugar and gluten I was able to get rid of the bloating and sluggish feeling I was having.  I felt lighter and had more energy.  I had pizza a few days ago while out to dinner and I was burping it up and feel so sluggish the next day!!
  • I could be a pescatarian...seriously I not only loved eating only fish (week1) but I felt so much lighter doing that.  I didn't miss any other meats at all but it was harder to plan since my hubby is certainly a carnivore!  
  • I have to make a decision daily if I want to eat what I'm craving or eat what is going to make me feel good.  I know that eventually what makes me feel good will become what I am craving (at least I hope so!)
  • Food is fuel...not a punishment or reward...Laura helped us to see that these changes weren't because we were punishing ourselves but because we wanted to fuel it the right way!
Favorite meals
Although I didn't try all the foods that I wanted to (I have some in the memory bank that I am ready to try) there were a few of my go-to meals that I loved in a pinch!
fritata with spinach, peppers, onions, and mushrooms
Tuna Avocado salad courtesy of Laura
My always favorite green monster smoothie
Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms
grilled salmon with lemon juice over lettuce (forgot to picture the banana peppers...i die!)
Going forward
Like I have said several times in this post, I learned so much about how my body feels while certain foods in it and how it feels without those foods.  Even though I of course want to fuel myself with the best foods, I know that I am not perfect.  My goal going forward is to continue to be mindful of what foods I am eating and fill my cabinets and fridge with those foods that make me feel great!  Once I plan and prep my week, it is very easy to stay on track so this is a goal as well.  It was an awesome experience and I am thankful that I was able to do it!!


  1. Sugar is not our friend! I just wish it wasn't so yummy and addicting, I do feel so much better when I cut out the sugar and the gluten. Great job with your reset!

  2. sugar is SO SO SO NOT MY FRIEND. it's my energy vampire.

  3. Detox is a great way to learn what you can really handle.
    Well actually I think processed sugar is perhaps the worse processed foods.
    Natural sugars in fruits can be healthy.

  4. i want to do a detox so bad, however I do not like seafood.... at all. Ive tried several times and it just makes me gag :(

  5. Good job on doing a detox! Glad to hear you are feeling great!

  6. Hi Nancy! I stumbled on your blog after I saw you are an ambassador for the Zooma half in Cape Cod, a race I'm considering! Just curious about how the detox affected your training. I'm doing my second half of the year in May. I feel like it would help me tremendously but need a bit of a nudge. Thanks!