Sunday, December 27, 2009

49.2 points....Boo ya!

Well at the beginning of the week my goal was to hit 40 points in the HBBC...well with today's 10 miler I smashed it and the day isn't over yet!! Don't you just love when you reach a goal?! I didn't know if it would happen this morning since little Miss Emma woke up with two eyes swollen and yucky. A trip to the dr. and some pink eye cream later I spent the afternoon running! 10 miles....and it was GREAT! We are having a heat wave here topping off at 50 degrees on Dec. 27th! I am totally taking advantage of it since Tuesday it is supposed to be Arctic cold! Enjoy your Sunday all!


  1. WOWZERS!! Good work buddy, that reminds me I have not updated my points in ages.. BLUSH!

    Oh Pink eye, the joys.. We had drops and it was TOUGH getting drops in the eys of a strong 9 month old.. I can still hear the crying. Way to bust out the 10!!!

  2. wohooo for a great run and racking up the points!! luckily pink eye clears up pretty least faster than a cold!