Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well Hello Mojo! Welcome Back!

I am a huge "Glee" fan...the hubs is too but won't admit it outside the comforts of his home! Well this weekend could be described through a song from the show this week..."You can't always get what you want...but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." Friday I was really looking forward to my long run on Saturday. It was going to be really cold which I thought was good since the Hyannis Half is going to be just freezing. Well Saturday's run did not happen for many reasons and so I headed out later than expected today determined to get 10 miles in. I was a little nervous since I had had coffee this morning and wasn't sure how my belly was going to be. Well half-way through my run I began to laugh to was the kind of run that I really really needed. You know the kind when you are just in an awesome rhythm...the cares of the world just fall off...and you could go on forever. That was where I found my mojo! It had been gone so long through defunct running partners and feeling frustrated...then pregnancy. Oh it felt GREAT!!!

I also tried GU for the first time during my run today....I tried the chocolate mint flavor...I tentatively took about 1/3 of it and......I thought to myself..."Good Lord Almighty! Why have I waited so long to try this?"

It looked like this:

but tasted like this:

I split it into three part even though I wanted to pour the whole thing down my throat all at once! stomach felt great! I can't wait to try more!


  1. lol does it really taste like a cupcake??? i like the espresso hammer gel flavor, i wonder if i would like chocolate. it might distract me from the run. or is that a good thing? :)

  2. right?? I loveee gu! vanilla bean, gingerbread....